"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."   ---   hamlet: act 2, scene 2


A graphic novel series specifically tailored for the discerning appetites of the critical thinker, DESTABILIZATION takes the reader on a journey that tackles sensitive subject matter, while simultaneously challenging long-established tenets of societal conditioning.

As posited by the series' maxim ---  "Look Deeper"  ---  DESTABILIZATION urges you to look beyond the obvious and rediscover that words and dialog can be protean in nature, and illustrations are ofttimes shrouds for that which may be hidden in plain sight.

Finessing  the standard format of word-balloons and traditional POW-BAM-BIFF storytelling, DESTABILIZATION reads more like a movie script as it invites the reader to interact directly with the characters in a manner never before seen in the archives of comic drama.


A multi-issue manifesto that reflects on the choler of a world gone awry,  replete with socio-political invective, and pulling no punches in its quest to edify that which has for so long remained unspoken---  DESTABILIZATION is a must-have for cognoscente of the strange, the preternaturally fantastic, and the uncanny.


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Book 4  cover photo

Book 4 cover photo



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MiG, Mr. Penser, the Reactionary Man

MiG, Mr. Penser, the Reactionary Man

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.