How it came to be

It was the fall of 1986.   I was just your typical, brainy high school student who was overly obsessed with superheroes, aviation, girls and geo-politics, not necessarily in that order. 

It was my sophomore year.  I remember sitting in the school library leafing through the pages of a then-popular periodical that specialized in both military aviation, and the technological advances of our space program.   One article in particular jumped out at me on that cool, crisp autumn afternoon...  an article that spoke candidly about the craft of United States government operatives who would routinely infiltrate foreign nation-states, stir up all sorts of trouble, sell weapons to both sides of local conflicted areas, and then pull back to watch the entire system collapse upon itself.   The article then proceeded to elaborate on how our (then) Vice President, George H. W. Bush, was a master at the art of destabilization, and went on at some length to present proof of its assertions.

Seeing as how geo-political maneuverings were a burgeoning interest of mine, I gobbled up as much info as I could.   I became further obsessed with military aviation (the YF-23 was by far the sexiest aircraft ever to take to the air, in my opinion,) and I began to immerse myself in the works of Tom Clancy (Red Storm Rising becoming my all-time favorite techno-thriller.)

Concurrently, I had already been deeply influenced by the sensational worlds created by C.S. Lewis (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,)  Lewis Carroll (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,)  Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are,) and the extremely prolific and talented works of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.  

Coming from inner city Detroit  --  a place which came pre-loaded with its own set of societal and economic challenges  --  the works produced by Lee and Kirby struck a chord of resonance within me that their direct competitors did not, because they (Lee/Kirby) created characters that were inherently flawed and came with their own cache of "real world" problems  ---   from racial bigotry and physical handicaps, to alcoholism and familial dysfunction.   Being a comic book nerd and a strong advocate for weekday afternoon cartoons  --  (there was no internet or 24 hour cartoon cable stations back in those days)  --   I began to draft a series of sketches that would, in later years, form the basis for what is now my very own graphic novel series.

MiG was my first creation, and he came to "life" back in the fall of 1986.   As to the rest of the world created within the pages of Destabilization, all I had to do was to keep my ear to the ground, pay attention to the things that were unfolding here in the real world, and use this glut of information to give wings to my imagination.


This story is not for everyone.  I will be as up-front about that as I can possibly be;  this is not a tale for children, and it is most definitely NSFW.   Our world is already saturated with controversial subject matter, and I know that there are plenty of people who look for much lighter fare than what I have presented within the volumes of this work.    But for those of you who enjoy a healthy dose of realism in your fantasy/men-in-tights reading, then this yarn may very well be what your discerning mind is looking for.

It is not your typical superhero read, that much I can promise you.  But if I were to have one solitary request...   if I can accomplish but one objective as a result of creating this body of work...    it is that I provided something within these pages that will give you food for thought.

I wanna make you think.   Other than that, the field is open.


J. Ajouissance

September 14, 2017  --   New Orleans, Louisiana